Bed Bug Facts and Info

what does a bed bug look like?

How to Identify a Bed Bug Correctly

If you’re afraid that your home might be infested with bed bugs, don’t panic. You might be worrying over nothing, as many bugs are often confused with bed bugs. If you do have an infestation, though, it’s essential to identify them so that you can seek out the appropriate treatment. […]

Are Landlords Responsible for Bed Bugs?

Are Landlords Responsible for Bed Bugs Under U.S. State Law?

If you’ve moved into a new leased accommodation, and you’ve just found bed bugs, you’re doing the right thing by looking up your rights and obligations. Several states have specific bed bug laws. Furthermore, the implied warranty of habitability applies in every state apart from Arkansas. This law means that […]

why do bed bugs come into your home?

What Attracts Bed Bugs into Your Home?

Bed bugs have adapted and evolved for many thousands of years to spot a human host they can feed on. They use this ‘experience’ to find their way to you either hitching a ride home with you from work or the bus, or by making their way from the neighbor’s […]

myths and facts about bed bugs

20 Surprising Myths about Bed Bugs That You Need to Know

Bed bugs have now reached epidemic status in the US. Almost everyone’s heard of the little critters – we’re told not to “let the bed bugs bite” as children. The unfortunate truth is that many of us will become personally acquainted with them at some point in our lives. There are […]

how to lure bed bugs out of hiding

How To Make Bed Bugs Come Out of Hiding

Bed bugs have lived with us for thousands of years. We thought we’d finally gotten rid of them over the course of the 20th century through using pesticides, heat treatments, etc. But, they have always found a way to survive by hiding from us. So, how do you lure bed […]

How to Get Bed Bugs Out of Carpet

How To Get Bed Bugs Out of Carpet

You’ll sometimes find bed bugs living in your carpet, but it’s relatively easy to determine where they’re located. Unless you have particularly long carpet fibers, it’s hard for bed bugs to hide away. The main issue that you’ll face is that the carpet has a large surface area. To get […]

how do I check for bed bugs at home?

If You Find One Bed Bug, Are There More?

It’s so easy to bring bed bugs into your home. If you don’t spot them in time, you could end up with a full-scale infestation. Unfortunately, they’re also one of the hardest household pests to get rid of completely. It’s possible that you could have only one bed bug, but […]