Bed Bug Treatments

how well do bed bug traps work?

Do Bed Bug Traps Actually Work?

Traps are a solution for parasitic pests on your property. The idea of using traps to catch bed bugs is the first that most people have. But whether using them is a good idea is open to debate. Bed bug traps do catch lots of bed bugs. Those that are […]

does salt really kill bed bugs?

Can Bed Bugs Be Killed by Salt?

Home remedies for bed bugs are very popular. Given that other treatments are so expensive, using salt to kill bed bugs would be the perfect solution. And there’s proof that it eliminate other pests. Bed bugs have a waxy shell that prevents salt from drying them out. Salt can’t scratch […]

can you get bed bugs in your pillows?

Killing Bed Bugs in Pillows (in 7 Easy Steps)

Bed bugs are unpleasant enough if you find them hiding underneath your mattress. But, if you were to notice them in your pillow, it’s difficult to imagine anything worse. Nobody wants parasitic bugs near their face and neck. That’s why you need to find the best way of killing bed […]

what happens after bed bug treatment?

What To Expect After Bed Bug Treatment

In a perfect world, hiring an exterminator would be the end of any bed bug infestation. But even following the most thorough treatment, you might still have to wait for weeks for all the bed bugs to die. And even worse, there’s going to be lots of unpleasant cleaning for […]

Do Bed Bug Mattress Covers Work?

Do Bed Bug Mattress Covers Work?

If you’ve been dealing with a bed bug problem, you’ve likely heard of mattress encasements. These are large, zippered covers that completely enclose your mattress. They’re designed to trap pre-existing bed bugs, and prevent new ones from reaching your mattress. Mattress covers trap bed bugs inside your mattress, so they […]

how to get rid of bed bugs in a mattress

What to Spray on Mattresses for Bed Bugs

Getting rid of bed bugs in your mattress can be a nightmare. If you haven’t got the cash to hire an exterminator, though, don’t worry. There are ways to kill bed bugs where you don’t have to pay an exterminator. One of those options is to use sprays, made from […]

bed bug bombs effective

Do Bed Bug Bombs Really Work?

Bed bugs are difficult to remove from your home. On the face of it, they are a potent insecticide spray that will kill any bed bug that breathes it in the toxic fumes, at a fraction of the price of hiring a pest control company. That’s why bed bug bombs have […]

how to use boric acid to get rid of bed bugs

Does Borax Kill Bed Bugs?

Borax is a white powder that’s used widely—in detergents, in cosmetics, and even in pottery. If you didn’t know, it’s commonly used to make laundry whiter and to make water softer. It isn’t harmful; it’s a naturally occurring mineral compound. Borax can be converted into boric acid, which has many […]

treating bed bugs with isopropyl alcohol

Rubbing Alcohol for Bed Bugs: Is It a Good Home Remedy?

Everyone knows that rubbing alcohol is toxic. It’s toxic to people—which is why it’s one of the first things we might think of to kill an insect. And dropping ticks in rubbing alcohol to kill them is common practice. It makes sense that rubbing alcohol for bed bugs would work. […]