Questions About Bed Bugs

using sunlight to kill bed bugs

Does Sunlight Kill Bed Bugs?

Bed bugs hate light exposure and extreme heat. That’s why so many people decide to leave infested items outside during the hottest summer months, aiming to kill bed bugs through sun exposure. It seems like a cost-effective way of getting rid of bed bugs without hiring a pest control company. […]

signs of bed bugs in couch

How to Check for Bed Bugs in Your Couch

Bed bugs will hide in the couch to avoid light and easy detection. They can make use of folds, cushions, and the frame. This can make bed bugs and their eggs really difficult to find. Seal off the room so that the bed bugs can’t escape. Check the cushions, the […]

bed bugs moving tips

How to Move Without Taking Bed Bugs with You

Almost everyone that’s had bed bugs has thought about moving to get away from the infestation forever. But moving out due to bed bugs isn’t a good idea. That’s because bed bugs are so good at hiding that they could be in any of your belongings. Launder and bag your […]

bed bugs through the mail

Can You Get Bed Bugs in Mail Packages?

Bed bugs could sneak into a box or package before it’s posted to you. When you open the package, the bed bugs will try to scamper away and find somewhere new to hide. There are several news reports of bed bugs entering the home that way, but how likely is […]

can bed bugs be brought to school?

Can Bed Bugs Spread at School?

Bed bugs (Cimex lectularius) are a modern menace, spreading from house to house and apartment to apartment. But because nobody sleeps there, it’s unclear whether bed bugs spread in schools. Parents, teachers, and pupils can bring bed bugs to school. Once there, they can either lay eggs or hide in […]

do bed bugs go dormant in winter?

Why Do Bed Bugs Go Dormant?

Bed bugs come and go in a way you can’t explain. You might get an explosion of bites one month, before experiencing far fewer the next. That’s because bed bugs go ‘dormant,’ i.e., become inactive. In cold temperatures, bed bugs won’t feed, explore, and set up new harborages. They may […]

bed bugs vs. ticks

Do Bed Bugs and Ticks Look Similar?

Both bed bugs and ticks are parasitic pests. But each bug requires different treatment options, so it’s important that you can tell the difference between bed bugs and ticks. Bed bugs and ticks are about the same size, and are a red-brown color. But ticks often have white or tan […]

can bed bugs make you sick?

How Do Bed Bugs Affect Your Health?

The effects of bed bugs on human health can be quite serious. Bed bugs don’t only cause itchy spots on the skin. Because they drink your blood, bed bugs can cause many different health problems. The effects of bed bugs on human health include allergic reactions (including anaphylactic shock), anemia, […]