Questions About Bed Bugs

how to protect against bed bugs on cruises

Are There Bed Bugs on Cruise Ships?

Bed bugs frequently affect people going on vacation. Whether they’re in hotels or cruise liners, many holiday-makers have stories of bed bugs ruining their time abroad. Bed bugs can infest the beds, bedding, and furniture on cruise liners. People unintentionally bring them on board in their luggage, and they spread. […]

How to Avoid Bed Bugs in Movie Theaters

How to Avoid Bed Bugs in Movie Theaters

An enjoyable family night out shouldn’t be marred by the chance of getting bed bugs. That’s exactly what can happen when you head to the movie theater. But there are ways to make it less likely. Look for online reviews and news stories to see if bed bug infestations have […]

bed bugs vs. cockroaches

Are Bed Bugs or Cockroaches Worse?

Having both bed bugs and cockroaches is a nightmare. One feeds on you at night, and the other causes havoc in your kitchen and around your home. Cockroaches are bigger, can fly, and come out more during the day. Bed bugs bite frequently and feed on your blood. Both bed […]

Where Are Bed Bugs Most Likely to Bite?

Where Are Bed Bugs Most Likely to Bite?

If you’ve been bitten during the night, identifying the bug that bit you can be difficult. You can help to narrow things down by figuring out where bed bugs bite you on the face and body. You may also be able to cover up the most vulnerable areas as bed […]

Can You Get Bed Bugs from Camping Outside?

Can You Get Bed Bugs from Camping Outside?

Most people get bed bugs from traveling. But the possibility of getting bed bugs while camping isn’t something that occurs to most people, but it can happen in certain situations. You can’t get bed bugs from camping outdoors, but you may find bed bugs in your camping gear. You can’t […]

do bed bugs drink water?

Do Bed Bugs Need Oxygen and Water to Survive?

People have been searching for quick and effective ways to kill bed bugs for decades. Free methods are ideal. It seems to make sense that you could do this by depriving them of oxygen or water. Without enough fluid and air, bed bugs will die. They don’t have lungs, but […]

bed bugs vs. head lice

Do I Have Bed Bugs or Lice in Hair?

If you have itchy spots on your scalp, you might wonder if you have bed bugs in your hair. It’s possible to mistake bed bugs for hair lice if you don’t know what they look like. The bodies of bed bugs and hair lice are the same shape, and they […]

using sunlight to kill bed bugs

Does Sunlight Kill Bed Bugs?

Bed bugs hate light exposure and extreme heat. That’s why so many people decide to leave infested items outside during the hottest summer months, aiming to kill bed bugs through sun exposure. It seems like a cost-effective way of getting rid of bed bugs without hiring a pest control company. […]