Questions About Bed Bugs

do bed bugs live in grass?

Can Bed Bugs Live Outside in Grass?

News stories about different places you can get bed bugs often keep people awake at night. But it’s unclear whether you can get bed bugs outdoors from long grass in a nearby field or your lawn. Bed bugs can’t survive in the grass because they’re an indoor pest. They evolved […]

Do Mice and Rats Bring in Bed Bugs?

Do Mice and Rats Bring in Bed Bugs?

You can experience both rodent and bed bug infestations at the same time. Mice and rats infest any home where they’ll have food, water, and warmth. They can live anywhere in the home, but will congregate near their food source, the kitchen. They live in areas where you can’t see […]

using ants to kill bed bugs

Do Ants Kill Bed Bugs?

Bed bug treatments are costly and don’t always work. But natural bed bug treatments, such as using ants to kill bed bugs, are often overlooked. But using a pest to kill a pest isn’t recommended. Ants scavenge and can eat their dead bodies. However, they usually don’t hunt bed bugs […]

finding bed bugs in the closet

How to Check Your Closet for Bed Bugs

Finding bed bugs in the closet is something nobody wants to happen. But if you’re sure you have bed bugs, and don’t know where they are, you’ll have to search for them. Check for living bed bugs, dead bed bugs, feces, and shells. First, take everything out of the closet […]

do bed bugs live in kitchens?

Can Bed Bugs Infest a Kitchen?

Pests have been plaguing kitchens and pantries for as long as we’ve had them. Bed bugs aren’t necessarily one of them, as they prefer the bedroom, but it is possible. Bed bugs can live in the kitchen, but only if the infestation is very large. Bed bugs prefer bedrooms. If […]

Bed bug bites or pimples

Do Bed Bug Bites Look Like Small Pimples?

Spots are frustrating, embarrassing, and can be painful or itchy. What’s more frustrating is if you don’t know whether you’ve got small pimples or bed bug bites. Bed bug bites are small, red, itchy, and swollen spots that appear in clusters. They appear in the morning after you’re bitten in […]

can bed bugs live in waterbeds?

Do Bed Bugs Get in Waterbeds?

Bed bugs live in beds, hence how they got their name. But bed bugs dislike water and can’t swim. So, you could be forgiven for thinking that the water in a waterbed would keep bed bugs away. Bed bugs can live in cracks in the bed frame, and around the […]

can bed bugs crawl out of vacuum cleaners?

Can Bed Bugs Live in a Vacuum Cleaner?

Using a vacuum cleaner to kill bed bugs is a recommended tip. If you do, and you don’t empty it, the bed bugs will stay inside your vacuum alive. The only question is how long they can survive. Vacuuming bed bugs won’t kill them. They can survive inside one for […]