Bed Bug Facts and Info

Why Do Bed Bugs Shed Their Skin?

Why Do Bed Bugs Shed Their Skin?

It’s easy to work out if you have a bed bug infestation. They leave behind their dead, feces, and old bed bug shells. Like other parasitic insects, bed bugs have to molt. Bed bug exoskeleton molting occurs because they grow too large for their shell. Bed bugs molt between instars/life […]

Male vs Female Bed Bug

Male Bed Bug vs. Female Bed Bug (Compared)

When you look at a mammal, it’s usually straightforward to tell males and females apart. But telling male bed bugs from female bed bugs isn’t nearly so easy. The abdomen of females is rounded, but pointed in males. Females can lay eggs while males can’t. In all other ways, they […]

bed bug caring for eggs

Where Do Bed Bugs Lay Their Eggs?

Bed bugs grow in number because they find safe and secure places to lay their eggs. They also need somewhere that will have easy access to you, their host, for a regular blood meal. Bed bugs like to lay their eggs in mattresses and furniture. These places offer safety, darkness, […]

different bed bug species

What Are the Different Types of Bed Bugs?

You might not realize that there are so many different bed bug species. But you need to find out the type of bed bugs that are in your home. That’s because some are immune to certain treatments. There are two main bed bug types, Cimex lectularius and Cimex hemipterus (common […]

accuracy of canine bed bug inspection

Are Canine Bed Bug Inspections Accurate?

Bed bug dogs are the latest advance in finding and killing bed bugs. They use scent detection, and are employed by exterminators, block management companies, and private individuals to find infestations. Their widespread use should surely indicate that they work. Scientific studies indicate that canine bed bug inspections aren’t always […]

How Bed Bugs Reproduce

How Do Bed Bugs Reproduce?

Bed bugs thrive because they reproduce quickly, and in huge numbers. If it were possible to stop them from doing so, we could control their population, and perhaps get rid of them for good. That’s why it’s so important to understand how they mate, and where and how they lay […]

how to get bed bugs out of clothing

How To Wash Clothes Exposed To Bed Bugs

People think that bed bugs only live in bedding. But if you didn’t know, they can live in furniture, under the sides of your carpet, and even in your wardrobe. If the idea of walking around in bed bug infested clothes disgusts you, then you have to learn how to […]

bed bug life cycle timeline

What is the Lifecycle of a Bed Bug?

There’s truth to the saying “know your enemy.” The more you understand about bed bugs, their behavior, and their lives, the easier it will be to eradicate them. Bed bugs progress through three main stages: egg, nymph, and adult. The eggs take 6 – 9 days to hatch. Bed bug […]