permethrin bed bugs treatment

Does Permethrin Kill Bed Bugs?

Scientists have worked for decades to invent new pesticides. There’s a lot of money to be made in finding a treatment that kills bed bugs. A pesticide used in many bed bug sprays is permethrin. … Read more

how to use diatomaceous earth bed bugs

How Effective is Diatomaceous Earth for Bed Bugs?

Natural bed bug treatments are becoming increasingly popular. The issue is that while some work, others are scientifically unproven and ineffective ideas. Using diatomaceous earth for bed bugs is a popular treatment method, but whether … Read more

heat treatment for bed bugs effectiveness

Will Heat Treatment Kill Bed Bugs?

Heat treatment is an effective way of killing bed bugs instantly. Many professional exterminators rely on this method, as bed bugs are becoming resistant to pesticides. The question is whether bed bugs can become immune … Read more

does freezing kill bed bugs and their eggs?

Does Freezing Kill Bed Bugs and Eggs?

You want to kill bed bugs fast with a DIY method to cut treatment costs. One popular method of getting rid of bed bugs is extremely cold temperatures. If freezing kills bed bugs and eggs, … Read more

is ammonia good for bed bugs?

Can You Kill Bed Bugs with Ammonia?

Most people pay professional exterminators to kill bed bugs, but their services are expensive. That’s why home remedies, such as ammonia, are favored for eliminating bed bug infestations. Ammonia destroys the outer layer of their … Read more

how well do bed bug traps work?

Do Bed Bug Traps Actually Work?

Traps are a solution for parasitic pests on your property. The idea of using traps to catch bed bugs is the first that most people have. But whether using them is a good idea is … Read more

does salt really kill bed bugs?

Can Bed Bugs Be Killed by Salt?

Home remedies for bed bugs are very popular. Given that other treatments are so expensive, using salt to kill bed bugs would be the perfect solution. And there’s proof that it eliminate other pests. Bed … Read more

what happens after bed bug treatment?

What To Expect After Bed Bug Treatment

In a perfect world, hiring an exterminator would be the end of any bed bug infestation. But even following the most thorough treatment, you might still have to wait for weeks for all the bed … Read more

Do Bed Bug Mattress Covers Work?

Do Bed Bug Mattress Covers Work?

If you’ve been dealing with a bed bug problem, you’ve likely heard of mattress encasements. These are large, zippered covers that completely enclose your mattress. They’re designed to trap pre-existing bed bugs, and prevent new … Read more

bed bug bombs effective

Do Bed Bug Bombs Really Work?

Bed bugs are difficult to remove from your home. On the face of it, they are a potent insecticide spray that will kill any bed bug that breathes it in the toxic fumes, at a … Read more

how to use boric acid to get rid of bed bugs

Does Borax Kill Bed Bugs?

Borax is a white powder that’s used widely—in detergents, in cosmetics, and even in pottery. If you didn’t know, it’s commonly used to make laundry whiter and to make water softer. It isn’t harmful; it’s … Read more

Does Lavender Repel Bed Bugs?

Does Lavender Really Repel Bed Bugs?

Lavender can make any room smell nicer. But aside from that, people claim that lavender and other essential oils have different medicinal and household uses. Many of these claims are exaggerated, but some are true. … Read more

do bed bugs like vinegar?

Does Baking Soda and Vinegar Kill Bed Bugs?

Bed bugs are a frustrating parasite as they’re difficult to kill off. Not everybody has the budget to hire a professional pest control expert. Furthermore, many people are cautious about using chemical insecticides in their … Read more

Does bleach kill bed bugs

Will Bleach Kill Bed Bugs and Their Eggs?

If you’ve just recently discovered you have a bed bug infestation, your mind is probably scrambling to come up with an easy solution. Immediately, you’ll weigh your options and consider some of the most potent … Read more